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Merseyside Regional Head and Neck Cancer Centre
How will head or neck cancer affect my life

What will I be like?

Interactive Quality of Life Searchable Database


What will I be like is a unique feature of this website. It contains questionnaires completed by patients that gives their perspective of outcome following their cancer treatment at around 18 months following treatment. We have found that the 18 month responses are very similar to the long-term outcomes thus they give a very reasonable indication of what to expect when cured of the cancer.

The questionnaire database is searchable by key factors such as age, gender, site, stage and treatment so the search can be closely matched to individuals. The issues are those on the University of Washington Head and Neck Cancer Scale and include:

  • Activity

  • Anxiety

  • Appearance

  • Chewing

  • Mood

  • Pain

  • Overall Quality of Life

  • Recreation

  • Saliva

  • Shoulder

  • Speech

  • Swallowing

  • Taste.

The database of patients replies will grow year on year so in the future more detail searches will be possible.

Search the interactive Quality of life database

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What will I be like - Advice Sheets

Click on the picture below to access the "What will I be like following Head and Neck Cancer?" Advice sheets page.

This page has information leaflets specifically tailored to the different areas of head and neck cancer as well as their treatment options.

The leaflets discuss how the differeing cancer sites and treatments affect peoples functionality and quality of life.

Click here for the "What will I be like following Head and Neck Cancer? Advice sheets page

We wish to inviite units to submit any UW-QOL data that they have collected over the years as part of research, audit, clinical care. This would increase the pool of data and allow not only a search of a larger sample but also the opportunity for further subset what will I be like' reports. The data should be submitted with patient identifiers removed and all contributing units will be acknowledged. For further information please email Prof Rogers at

Online Forum

Please use the online forum and message board to share your experiences with us and other other patients.

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Patient Audio Stories

Some of our previous patients have kindly provided audio storeis. these give fantastic insights into their own personal struggle with head and neck cancer and we hope that you will find them inspiring.

Read and listen to patient stories