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Merseyside Regional Head and Neck Cancer Centre
How will head or neck cancer affect my life

Quality of Life (QOL)

This section is devoted to Quality of Life as it applies to head and neck cancer. Here at Aintree, we have developed an international reputation for the study of QOL in head and neck cancer. This work is led by Simon Rogers. We thank all the patients over the years who have kindly completed and returned questionnaires.

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What is Health Related QOL?

Most people have an idea as to what quality of life is, and yet definitions of the term vary even between those researching the field. It is a very broad concept describing a persons overall feeling of wellbeing and includes a wide range of both physical and psychological concepts. It has been defined as 'the perceived discrepancy between the reality of what one has and what one wants, or expects or has had.' This definition of quality of life is often termed the 'gap theory.' Health related quality of life is a subset of quality of life, which revolves around four core domains; physical functioning, psychological functioning, social interaction and disease and treatment related symptoms.

HRQOL Trends

Most patients report a good, very good or outstanding QOL. Unfortunately this is not always the case and great care has to supporting the patient and their carers.

Overall QOL at 12 months

Overall QOL over time

Quality of Life data from the Regional Head & Neck Unit

Please try our on-line searchable Health Related Quality of Life (HRQOL)database. We have compiled over 800 individual questionnaires completed by our patients over the last 10 years to allow users to perform a customisable search to help predict what their quality of life might be like after surgery plus/minus radiotherapy for a number of tumour sites and a number of different operations.

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