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Merseyside Regional Head and Neck Cancer Centre
How will head or neck cancer affect my life

Patient Concerns Inventory

The Patient Concerns Inventory (PCI) has been designed to be filled in a using touch screen computer. The ACCESS database is the one we currently use in clinic. The PCI has 55 items in its present form and replaces the previous versions e.g 45 items. In due course there will be further developed e.g graphical presentation of patient responses over time. The patients NHS number is used rather than patient name and date of birth.

You have permision to adapt the PCI to your clinical situation, indeed it is being piloted in neuro-oncology for example. All we ask is that you kindly let us know of the changes you make both in terms of the PCI items themselves and also in process.

It would be very helpful to work collaboratively to develop the PCI further. We would ask you please to share your experience, not only in the PCI outcomes for H&N cancer but also in other disease states. At some point in the future it would be worthwhile pooling data with a view to a multicentre joint publication.

If you plan to use the PCI please could you email me Simon Rogers.

Further information

Find out more about the PCI (powerpoint presentation)

The development of a Patients Concerns Inventory (PCI) to help reveal patients concerns in the head and neck clinic. Oral Oncology 45 (2009) 555-561.

Click here for an external Aintree Patient Concerns Inventory Website.

Downloading the database

To download the database, please contact Simon Rogers.

Feel free to adapt the information leaflet and operating instructions to your practice.


Click here to read more about the PCI and to hear Professor Rogers discuss the PCI on Radio Merseyside

Professor Rogers has been discussing the 'Patient Concerns Inventory' on Radio Merseyside. To hear the Interview click on the photo above to access Aintree Hospital's news article on the PCI.

We are holding a PCI Workshop on Wednesday 7th November, 2012. Click here for more information

Click here to download an application form for the PCI