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Merseyside Regional Head and Neck Cancer Centre
How will head or neck cancer affect my life

2012 Fundraising Events:

Wow - what a year of epic events fundraising!

THANK YOU to everyone who took part, who cheered, who sponsored, who donated and who gave their time, enthusiasm and energy raising funds for head and neck cancer research and support.

We couldn't do it without you!

Further events are being planned for 2013, so come back and find out soon...

(another abseil anyone?!?!?!?!)


Head-On 2012 - Update

Just a quick note to say thank you to everyone who came, or donated, to Head-On 2012 on Friday night (26th October). The event looks to have raised around £2,600 to support the Merseyside Regional Head & Neck Cancer Centre, to support their clinical research into the early diagnosis and treatment of head & neck cancer.

That amount takes the total amount raised by the Head-On events over the last three years to almost £31,000. We really do appreciate your generosity and thanks to everyone for making it a great night.

Also a big thanks to; the bands who donated their services, Clockwork Radio, The Tunnels and Crowded Scouse; Gemma our fabulous MC; Leaf for being a great venue; and all the Leaf staff, particularly Terrence the sound engineer; our doormen and doorladies ; and Elaine H, the best bucket lady in the world.

There are now a few band pictures on the Head-On2012 Facebook page, but we didn't manage to get many guest pictures. So if anyone has got guest photos, please let me know, as we'd like to add them to the collection.

I hope you enjoyed the night as much as we did, and please let us know if you have any comments.

Kind Regards and many thanks again.


ENT Surgeon prepares for the Berlin Marathon (30.09.2012)!

Aintree ENT Specialist Registrar Mr Constantinos Mamais is preparing for the 2012 Berlin Marathon. Mr Mamais is raising funds for the Mersey Regional Head and Neck Cancer Centre and he wants to reassure all of his colleagues that he has completed the Leeds Half Marathon so he should survive the Berlin Marathon.

To sponsor Mr Mamais click here to visit his just giving page!!

Click here to sponsor Mr Mamais for the Berlin Marathon


They did it!!!!

In the early evening of Saturday 11th August, a small crowd of family, friends and well wishers gathered at the base of Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral. High above them, over the maginficent main doorway, were the scafolding and ropes about to be used by our team of eight intrepid abseilers.

First they had to climb up 244 steps to reach the abseiling platform - which probably would have been enough of a chellenge for most of us waiting nervously below. Kitted out in harnesses and yellow safety helmets, they looked very small over 150ft above us, and yet there they were about to leap off the edge into the unknown - all to raise funds for Head and Neck Cancer Research and Support.

Julie at the top

Ed Grocott (despite his fear of heights), Bill Crowe, Andrew Wootton, Chris Hawkins, Julie Andrews, Terry Jones (with his jet lag), Kate Wilson (taking Sheila Dodd's place at heroically short notice) and Ric Dodd all made it down safely - to the cheers and shouts of all their supporters below.

The Charity Abseilers

THANK YOU all - and indeed thank you to everyone who turned up on the day as part of the "Cheering Section".

Having "leapt" so magnificently, all our charity abseilers are now busily collecting their sponsorship. And their JustGiving page will remain open for online donations for another few weeks yet.

We're hoping to top the £1,000 mark.

Very well done all!

Latest Update

The money is just about all in now, and in total the team think they've raised over £2,200!


Michelle skydives for Head and Neck Cancer research and support.

Michelle Meredith, our intrepid fundraising skydiver explains why raising funds for Head and Neck Cancer Research and Support is so important to her and her family.

"In May 2003, my family began a journey which we never envisaged would still be continuing nearly 10 years on. We are and still deal with Head and Neck Cancer. My mother presented at the GP for many months complaining of a lump in the neck which turned out not to be a swollen gland but Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma of the salivary gland. After surgery and radiotherapy she is still under regular review and coping with after effects of treatment.
In Dec 2006, My step father was diagnosed with oral cancer and needed his tongue partially removed along with his lymph nodes. To date he still attends check up appointments.
Head and Neck cancers are the forgotten cancers but their effects are only too visible. Trying to cover up extensive surgery to the face, head and neck is difficult as these areas are usually on show. Eating and speaking also becomes very awkward for head and neck cancer sufferers. I have watched both parents struggle at times and tears have been many but through out that we still say "At least you're here".

I am in awe of them both and their fighting spirit and all the patients we have come into contact with over the years. It is because of this and the help and support of Head & Neck Cancer Centre at Aintree that I am going on the 25th August 2012 with Black Knights Parachute Centre, Cockerham, Lancashire to Sky dive from a plane at 10,000 feet.

So when I land with a big smile on my face it will be for all the survivors and those who have lost their battle with all forms of Head & Neck Cancers. To many it is not a forgotten cancer."

If you wish to add your donation to Michelle's fundraising efforts, please visit:

Michelle skydives for head and neck cancer research and support


Coast to Coast Cycle Challenge - 23rd - 24th June - update

A patch of sunshine for the coast to coast cycle challengers

The winds howled and the rain torrented down - but that didn't stop two intrepid cyclists undertaking a weatherbeaten challenge along Hadrian's Cycleway, aiming to ride 174 miles from coast to coast.

Cousins James Halpin and Robert Newsham set off along the Hadrian's Cycleway from North Shields on Saturday 23rd June, with the elements conspiring against them. In the end, day one ended up taking them ten hours to complete (with one 30 minute pit stop) as the weather was really bad. Undeterred however, they set of in somewhat better conditions on Sunday, and were thankfully able to complete their cycle into Ravensglass in a far more reasonable time!

Monies from their epic, weatherlaiden challenge is still being collected, but James believes it will be in the region of £400. A great achievement, reflecting their determination to complete the trip in spite of the conditions.

It's not too late to add your support. You can donate online at , or just speak to Charlotte Halpin, Practice Facilitator on Wards 28/29.


Urban musher goes coast to coast - update

Urban Musher

In March this year a small team of urban mushers became the first "pack" to go coast to coast by dog power. Using a specially designed scooter it took four days for Mishka the Husky and Millie the Collie, accompanied by father and son team Chris and Michael Mimnagh to cross from Fort William to Inverness, a total of 80 miles.

The team were supported by Richard Abley, who served as coach, cook, driver and fundraising co-ordinator. Through Barclays his employer Richard was able to provide matched funding for a significant amount of the sponsorship raised.

Unseasonably warm weather meant the team could only run in the very early morning or late twilight. "We lived like dogs" said Chris "holed up and sleeping during the day, running in the cool mornings or evenings".

Although the dogs enjoyed the trip Chris, who is Aintree's Director of Strategy and a local GP, says they are no plans for further treks."The dogs loved the adventure but I don't think we'll be able to put in the training again to do that kind of event."

All we can say is a huge "THANK YOU" to Chris and his team, for undertaking such an amazing challenge, and for raising funds for Head and Neck Cancer. This year one of our key activities is to fund a three year post-graduate research project looking at why people don't go to their doctor when they first spot symptoms, and investigating better ways to ensure early presentation.

Early detection really can save lives. And it is only through the fundraising efforts of people like Chris, Michael, Richard, Mishka and Millie, that we can raise the funds that make this vital research possible.

At present, Chris believes he has raised approximately £5,000, which is an amazing total in itself. Donations are still coming in, so if you'd like to add your support it's not too late visit Chris's JustGiving site at:

Once again, our sincere congratulations on your coast to coast success - heroic urban mushers all!!

Dinner Party Divas

Finally, after her sterling works in organising the Golf Day last year, Jackie Gregson is going to be running her own fundraising dinner party. A small event for family and friends, it's an excellent way of raising funds, trying out some new recipes, in a relaxed and social environment.

If you'd like to do something similar, please let us know. Jackie would be delighted to discuss her plans with you, and of course we can provide you with any fundraising materials you need.