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Merseyside Regional Head and Neck Cancer Centre
How will head or neck cancer affect my life

Fundraising Events...

Gift Aid

If you are a UK tax payer we can reclaim tax on your donation, currently 25p for every £1.00 you donate). For us to do this you need to complete a Gift Aid Form and send it to us using the address on the form.

One-off Gifts

Any cheques for one off gifts should be made payable to "Aintree University Hospital Charitable Funds", with all associated correspondence clearly identifying the donation as being intended for the MFU Directorate Fund 4536.

Please send to:

Head and Neck Charitable Giving, c/o Mrs Sharon Martlow, Office Manager, MFU DIrectorate, Aintree University Hospital, Lower Lane, Liverpool L9 7AE

On-line Donations

You can also donate online at


Thank you!


Fundraising for Head and Neck Cancer Research and Support

There are hundreds of different types of cancer and you are probably aware of the common ones such as breast cancer, lung cancer, bowel cancer.

Over half of cancer are classified as 'rare' due to their relatively smaller numbers and Head and Neck cancer is in this group.

There are real challenges for the rare cancers, which although really important, lack funding and support for clinical and basic science research. Relatively little of the money donated to the bigger cancer charities and organisations gets through to the rarer cancers.

Major clinical and other research trials are funded through the usual national funding research bodies, universities and Cancer Research UK. However, there are many important areas of work, especially those directly impacting upon patient care, that fall outside the remit of these national funders. That's where your support comes in.

Fundraising events, and donations made to the "MFU DIrectorate Fund 4536", a designated fund within Aintree University Hospital Charitable Funds (Registered Charity No. 1050542) are used to:

  • Support the activities of the Patient and Carer Support Group
  • Fund key areas of research that impact on patient care.

In previous years your donations have helped ensure the develoment of a "Patient Concerns Inventory" - resulting in support and information on financial and welfare matters being provided to patients.

We are currently raising funds for a three year study looking into reasons for late diagnosis - a problem which affexts many in this region and beyond. This work will involve the training of a Phd student, and is likely to absorb most of our resources for the next three years. We believe however that the extra expense of recruiting and training an individual in this way will have longer term benefits, beyond the period of the study.

This research and support would not happen without the fundraising efforts and generous support of people like you.

Your support is truly invaluable in helping make a difference to the lives of patients and carers affected by head and neck cancer.

Thank you.


How to give?

You can support our work in a number of ways:

  • A one-off Gift (see below)
  • Regular giving by Standing Order. You will need to set this up with your own bank directly. The form has the relevant bank account information which you will need to set up a regular standing order.
  • On-line via JustGiving

We would also be delighted to provide you with information about how to give to Cancer Research UK, or other UK based cancer charities.

How will cancer affect my life?

We have compiled over 800 individual questionnaires completed by our patients over the last 10 years to allow users to perform a customisable search to help predict what their quality of life might be like after surgery / radiotherapy. Use the link below to access this part of our site.

How will cancer affect me