Patient Research Forum

Here at the merseyside regional head and neck cancer centre we have an international reputation for our patient care and also our research activities. We currently have a number of studies on-going within the unit and have set up a Patient & Carer Research Forum.

The group meets on the first friday in February, June and October. Meetings take place in the clinical science building, University Hospital Aintree from 09:30am - 12noon.

The next meeting is Feb 2, 2018. Please come along and join us if you can!

The group currently has 8 members; 6 patients and 2 carers but we are looking to increase membership.Those interested can contact the chairman Mr D Macareavy.

Role of the PRF

The role of the Patient Research Forum is:

  • To provide advice on research proposals from a patient/carer perspective
  • To act as patient/carer representative to help ensure consideration is given to their views/interests
  • To help ensure that research is patient/carer focussed
  • To provide suggested direction for future research
  • Admin support or other ways to actually get involved and help the research happen