Keeley's Sponsored Haircut 2014

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Keeley's Sponsored Haircut 2014

A huge thank you to 9 year old Keeley (Neil's granddaughter) who had a massive 12 inches cut off her beautiful hair!

Not only was she raising funds for Head and Neck Cancer Research and Support, she also donated her hair to Children with Leukaemia which is such a thoughtful gesture, thank you Keeley.

From her Just Giving Page:

Hi my name is Keeley Timney I am 8 years old.

I am trying to raise money in aid of the head and neck cancer center based at Aintree Hospital. I am going to do this by having my gorgeous waist length hair cut off to shoulder length and donating it to make wigs for children who are going through chemotherapy.

My nanna was diagnosed with oral cancer 2 yrs ago and thankfully is winning the fight.  When i found out that children was going through the same thing I imeadiatly said "is there any way i can help them" so my mum found out that i could donate my hair to these unfortunate children and raise money at the same time.

Please every penny counts to this amazing charity doesn't matter how big or small.

Thank you x