Michelle skydives for Head and Neck Cancer research and support.

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Michelle skydives for Head and Neck Cancer research and support.

Michelle Meredith, our intrepid fundraising skydiver explains why raising funds for Head and Neck Cancer Research and Support is so important to her and her family.

"In May 2003, my family began a journey which we never envisaged would still be continuing nearly 10 years on. We are and still deal with Head and Neck Cancer. My mother presented at the GP for many months complaining of a lump in the neck which turned out not to be a swollen gland but Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma of the salivary gland. After surgery and radiotherapy she is still under regular review and coping with after effects of treatment.
In Dec 2006, My step father was diagnosed with oral cancer and needed his tongue partially removed along with his lymph nodes. To date he still attends check up appointments.
Head and Neck cancers are the forgotten cancers but their effects are only too visible. Trying to cover up extensive surgery to the face, head and neck is difficult as these areas are usually on show. Eating and speaking also becomes very awkward for head and neck cancer sufferers. I have watched both parents struggle at times and tears have been many but through out that we still say "At least you're here".

I am in awe of them both and their fighting spirit and all the patients we have come into contact with over the years. It is because of this and the help and support of Head & Neck Cancer Centre at Aintree that I am going on the 25th August 2012 with Black Knights Parachute Centre, Cockerham, Lancashire to Sky dive from a plane at 10,000 feet.

So when I land with a big smile on my face it will be for all the survivors and those who have lost their battle with all forms of Head & Neck Cancers. To many it is not a forgotten cancer."

If you wish to add your donation to Michelle's fundraising efforts, please visit:www.justgiving.com/teams/LCHSkyDive